Mantis, RSS & Klipfolio

one of the ideas that i have this morning is to check all the new posted issues in my bug tracker mantis via my RSSFeed agent klipfolio

this is will let me uptodate for all events, updates and others issues posted by my teams in mantis without being forced to refresh my browser.

Mantis offers a RSSFeed feature since its 1.0.0a2 version.
Klipfolio is an RSSFeed agent with too many features and easy-interactive-interfaces

The steps are too simple :

  1. edit the mantis configuration file to let it able to manage RSS feed requests by changing this 2 lines
$g_allow_anonymous_login = ON; 
$g_anonymous_account = 'anonymous'; /* the user 'anonymous' must be a valid and enabled mantis user */
  1. call the RSS url. many RSS features are enabled within mantis :
  • for the last submitted 25 issues:
  • for the last updated 25 issues:
  • for the last submitted 25 issues for project id 1:
  • for the last updated 25 issues for project id 1:
  • and many others (more here )
  1. inject those url into your RSS FeedViewer .

  2. Enjoy :)