Fedora Linux community project has released the first test version of Fedora Core 5. RedHat, which is sponsoring Fedora but not supporting it, is giving to Linux experts an “avant-premiere” to some of the newest technologies that eventually will be used in the next Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

The new Fedora is not scheduled for release until the 2nd half of 2006 but will include stateless Linux and Xen virtualization functionality and improved management capabilities.

Fedora Core 5 Release 1 is including updates for the XenSource’s open source server virtualization software, as well as new versions of the Gnome and KDE user interfaces, and the final version of the OpenOffice.org application suite.

RedHat schedules a Test 2 to be released just before Christmas, followed by Test 3 in mid-January 2006, and the final release at the end of February.

[ via slashdot ]