The mobile phone industry is today celebrating the 15th birthday of the Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), the principal application behind text messaging first brought to market by Acision in 1992. The first ever SMSC was introduced as a product designed primarily to deal with the demands and improve reliability of a developing mobile industry, […]
Despite the rapid evolution of the mobile market, SMS is still the most important value-added service for operators. For operators looking to provide subscribers with robust messaging services, today’s mix and match platform means they can specify SMS capacity to meet their requirements.

i’m surprised that such a simple tool is too much involved in our daily live and even culture as a simple and quick way of communicantion, but also as new form of language.
seeing how sms-style written texts, posts and even books are taking places here and there, i’m a bit septic about the language and [pop-]culture’s evolution.
m’enfin …
lets not forget spams, real-bad-stressing system’s alerts and beautiful romantic messages that are making the day a little bit spicefull.
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