i was surfing when i found this funny [ and right ] article.

Erasing Whiteboards
Because whiteboards are often shared you need to identify a protocol for when to erase them. Here are my rules, in order of importance:

  • Everyone should erase their own work once it is no longer needed.
  • If you want to save your work for a future working session you must include a message indicating so. This message must include your name, contact info, and an erase date after which someone is allowed to erase it.
  • If you need a board, and there’s no message or the erase date has expired, then erase it.
  • If a message just says “Do Not Erase” but does not include the other required information you should make a judgment call whether you want to erase it. If you don’t put the date on the diagram then useless diagrams will proliferate throughout your org and you’ll quickly run out of whiteboard space.
  • Don’t ever spit on the whiteboard to clean it. Not only is it gross, it means that subsequent writing will not ‘take'.
  • If you’ve used a permanent marker on a whiteboard use whiteboard cleaner to erase it or simply go over the writing with a whiteboard marker to loosen the permanent ink.

General Tips

  • Never wear white clothes.

i’m, pratically, a heavy user of whiteboard, i design a lot of diagrams and schemas, and it’s frustrating when sometimes someone came and scratch something on your work.
[ via aglileModeling ]